Residential Electrical Services & Repair

For all types of electrical repairs, troubleshooting and installations to electrical upgrades or house re-wires, you can trust the experience of Redhawk Electrics skilled technicians.

We can diagnose, repair, and replace anything electrical from light switches and old circuit breakers to replacing old worn out wall outlets and installing new light fixtures. Our highly trained technicians know just where to look and just how to fix it! Contact Redhawk Electric today for all of your electrical repair needs.

We are YOUR Older Home Electrical Safety specialists.  Worried about your wiring?  Our number one concern is for the safety of your family and your home.  Fixed wiring is the leading cause of house fires and out of date electrical panels with circuit breakers that don’t trip when they should are dangers that you may not be able to see.  Our highly  trained licensed electricians will be glad to conduct a complimentary electrical panel  safety inspection while they are at your home for any repair.  We can provide permanent solutions to your persistent or recurring electrical problems.   If you want it fixed right once and for all, call Redhawk Electric today at (951) 383-6700.

Redhawk Electric specializes in meter upgrades and circuit box upgrades. Need more power into your home from the local utility company? No problem. Upgrading your meter box to 100 amps or 200 amps, or even larger, is no problem for us. We also do multifamily buildings where it may be required to upgrade to 400 to 600 amps with a new box containing many meters. Redhawk Electric, your trusted Temecula Electrician, can handle it all!

Redhawk Electric offers full Residential Electrical Services throughout Temecula, CA.

Temecula Residential Electrical Services

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Redhawk Electric also provides Commercial Electrical ServicesElectrical Installation, and Electrical Upgrades for the Temecula & Murrieta areas.

If you are looking for Residential Electrical Repair Services in Temecula, please call us at (951) 383-6700.