Temecula Electricians for Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel and meter upgrades are one of our most requested services. Most homes older than 20 years no longer have enough power to keep up with our modern electrical uses. That’s why Temecula Electricians specializes in electrical panel upgrades and meter upgrades for homeowners throughout the Temecula area.

If you live in an older home that doesn’t seem up to par with today’s electricity demands, contact us. Our electricians can upgrade your meter box to 100 amps, 200 amps, or even larger.Temecula Electric handles more electrical panel upgrades in a month than most electrical contractors do in a year!

Is It Time For an Electrical Panel Upgrade for Your Home?

Many older homes have electrical systems that have a smaller power capacity than what today’s more modern homes require. This makes for a system that doesn’t have enough electrical capacity to survive in today’s electronic and gadget based world. For this reason many people look to expand the capacity of their home’s electrical system through electric service and meter upgrades.

Most people today have modern appliances such as flat screen TV’s, hair dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, space heaters, air conditioners and other types of appliances that require more voltage than what most older homes in Temecula have available. Increasing the amount of power that comes into your home is the first and most important step to modernizing your homes electrical system. Once you have more power coming to your house, then you can add new circuits to distribute that power to your appliances.

Some of the signs you may need to upgrade your electrical service are:

  • You frequently blow fuses or circuit breakers when you use too many appliances like vacuum cleaners, microwaves or space heaters
  • The lights dim when you turn on an appliance
  • You don’t have enough electrical receptacles for the number of appliances you use.
  • You may have many extension cords and adapters to fit more plugs

Think about the new appliances that have become widely available over the last 40 years or so. Vacuum cleaners, space heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, curling irons, hair dryers, big screen televisions, spas, computers etc. Many of these appliances draw significant amounts of electrical power. Some older homes in Temecula only have 60-100 amps of power available in theirelectrical panel. A typical space heater or microwave can draw 15-20 amps alone. Then you have the lights, fridge, microwave, etc. Now you can see why it may be necessary to upgrade your homeselectrical systemand get a meter upgrade.

The average lifespan of an electrical panel is 25-40 years. There are a number of brands of electrical panels such as Zinsco and Federal Pacific that have considerable safety issues and should usually be replaced. To learn more about older panels go to:http://www.IsMyPanelSafe.com

Upgrading a home’s electrical system and electricity meter isn’t an easy job, and it’s not recommended to get involved with a project like this unless you are a professional electrical contractor and you know what you’re doing. This is not a job for your handyman, the just out of school electrician or your friend’s brother who knows how to do electrical work. Electrical panel upgrades and meter upgrades are advanced level electrical work. It is a special area that requires specialized and specific knowledge and skills. There are many different types of electrical work and there are big differences between the wiring in an older home vs the power lines that run over our heads or underground. As residential service electricians, we specialize in the wiring behind your finished walls.

AtTemecula Electric, our electricians specialize in upgrading the electrical panels and meters of older homes and can help you expand the power capacity of your home so that you will have the capacity to power the more modern devices that require higher voltage draws. We will handle all aspects of your electrical service upgrade including obtaining a permit and dealing with the city and the utility company to ensure your meter upgrade is done correctly.

Once you have your new power system with an increased capacity, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your home from an electrical perspective, blowing circuits or having the power you need for all of your appliances!

Our Temecula Electric Service & Meter Upgrade Contractors Provide These Services

  • Electrical Services and repairs
  • Meter Upgrades
  • Whole house re-Wiring
  • Repairs

Why Hire Temecula Electric for your Meter Upgrade?

Since we specialize in working on older homes, electrical service upgrades are an important service that we provide to many of our customers. Upgrading your electrical service is a major home improvement project and the prices in Temecula can sometimes vary widely. Unfortunately since most homeowners are not knowledgeable about electrical panels and what is involved in upgrading them, most would never know the difference between a quality job or one where shortcuts were taken or corners were cut. Electrical upgrades are something that you do not want to have to re-do a few years later. We offer the longest warranty in the area and with over 25 years of service, you can rest assured that we will be around should you ever experience any problems

Temecula Electric has been providing homeowners in the Temecula area with quality electrical services and repairs since 1988. Our goal is to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. We take pride in arriving on time to complete the residential electrical repairs we are hired for, ensuring a minimal disruption to your life and home. We work promptly and efficiently, and we stand behind our work.

We are the electricians you can rely on when you find your home in need of electrical services. Our team of professional are licensed and insured, and have the training and experience to deal with any electrical problem you may encounter. From faulty breakers to electrical re-wiring jobs, we have the experience and knowledge to handle it all.