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One of the common electrical problems that homeowners in Temecula encounter are flickering lights and outlets that don’t hold plugs tightly or don’t work at all. One reason this happens is because electrical panels and circuit breakers are old and may have a bad or burnt connection point. Many older homes use a type of electrical receptacle that can become dangerous over time due to loose internal connections. This is also a common cause of partial power outages. Poor connections, no matter what the reason, can lead to power outages, electrical damages and can even cause a fire.

Tightening or replacing your circuit breakers can prevent unnecessary electrical downtime and, in many cases, is more economical than paying for electrical installation down the road. If your panel is aging but not yet ready to be replaced, a panel restoration can add many more years to its life. At Temecula Electric , our experienced Temecula electricians can inspect your electrical panel and make recommendations for circuit breaker replacement, panel restoration or updates, modifications, or maintenance. We are also experts at installing additional circuits, upgrading your electrical system and bringing older homes in the Temecula area into the 21st century. If your home can’t handle today’s electricity demands, call us to discuss updating your homes electrical system.

Circuit Breakers Replacement and Electrical Installation:

Our licensed electricians will arrive at your home in a fully stocked and insured service truck ready to take care of your issue the same day. Depending on the age and condition of your electrical panel you may have several alternative choices to complete panel replacement. Depending on the age and condition of your electrical panel, we can offer a panel tune up or a panel restoration as an alternative to a more costly panel replacement. Your electrician will be glad to discuss the different options with you.

Most older fused systems don’t have adequate, if any, room for the additional circuits that today’s electrical loads demand, such as: central air conditioning, hot tubs, electric stoves, water heaters, dryers, electric heat, room additions, etc. Breaker boxes and service panel upgrades should only be done by a qualified, experienced electrician to ensure proper installation and safety. This is never a DIY project

By replacing your circuit breakers you are helping making your home safe for the following reasons:

  • Having proper size breakers for each circuit protects your home from overloading the wires which can lead to the wiring overheating inside of your walls.
  • System grounding to today’s code requirements enhances safety.
  • Whole house surge protectors are available to help protect computers and entertainment equipment.
  • No more searching for the blown fuse or trying to buy replacement fuses at the hardware store in the middle of the night.

Whether you are looking for a circuit breaker replacement or to have additional circuits installed, you can count on your Temecula Electrician, Temecula Electric , for quality results.

Services Our Temecula Circuit Breaker Contractors Provide

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Circuit Breaker Installation
  • Breaker Boxes or Panel upgrade

Why You Should Hire Us for Circuit Breakers

When you hire Temecula Electric to serve as your Electrician, you will always receive top of the line service and workmanship. We take pride in providing our customers with excellent customer service.

Serving all of Temecula since 1988, Temecula Electric specializes in providing electrical upgrades and installations for older homes. We offer complete rewiring services and well as the replacement of all electrical devices such as circuit breakers and service panels. Whatever your home’s electrical system needs in order to operated efficiently and adequately for today’s electricity demands, you can count on our Temecula electricians to take care of it for you. Call today to learn more about our electrical services.

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